AmazonBasics Waterproof Hammock Review

Here is a product which will erase all your worries when the time comes to invite your pet inside the car. This waterproof hammock style seat will protect your seats and the car interior while your pet can comfortably enjoy the trip in the back.

Whether your dog’s paws are a mess or not will not be a problem with this waterproof material of this seat cover. It is easily attachable to the back of your seats and it stays secure in place throughout the entire trip. Installation can literally take a few minutes and you’re good to go. It is also made to fit most cars and SUVs as well.

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The hammock also comes with pockets which can be used to store your pets’ waste bags dispenser and leash. If you choose to opt out from spreading it like a hammock, it can also be used as a simple cover without attaching it to the front seats. It also features a zipper so that air can flow freely through to the back seats or in case your dog decides to pop its head and say hello.

Cleaning and maintenance comes easy with this product, as it is made entirely out of polyester. If there is a particular area which needs to be cleaned, make sure you go over it with a wet tablecloth and soap until it is clean. Other than that, you will find this product very easy to maintain and of very high quality.
When you are done using it, the hammock seat cover for pets can fold up and fit inside your car’s trunk, without taking much space. This fact that it is waterproof makes it applicable in some emergency situations as well. Due to the fact that it is made from a single cut of polyester, tearing is not likely to occur.

Unlike similar products, the Amazon basics hammock is designed to fit most vehicles and its polyester material helps your dog sit in a comfortable, safe and stable manner in the case that you need to suddenly stop your vehicle. The material will prevent your dog from falling off and is thick enough to protect your seats from its nails.

In terms of weight, it can support heavy dogs without breaking, and the weight distribution is balanced among the 4 seats so that your dog and hammock will always stay in place. If your car allows the backseats to be laid down, you could use this to over them and provide your dog with a grip instead of risking the fact that it could slide towards the trunk. For extra padding, you may add a mat underneath the hammock before you spread it over the seats.

Considering the quality and utility of this product, it is definitely a bargain. Whether you have a small or a big dog, the AmazonBasics waterproof hammock seat cover is designed to provide a comfortable ride and without any worries about driving with your pet.